The direction for driving Smoke-free provinces

This is a review of the meeting on 19 December 2013 which was titled, The direction for driving Smoke free provinces and took place at the Richmond Stylish Convention Hotel, Nonthaburi. In the meeting, one had a chance to learn about tobacco control networks. Moreover, participants also exchanged knowledge about directions for driving smoke free provinces. The number of additional provinces participating in the smoke free provincesprogram was 17 provinces, especially those provinces having high rates of smoking prevalence. This meeting was set at the 2nd meeting on smoke free provinces.

In the meeting, the smoke free province of Phitsanulok was presented so as to exchange work experience among participants in the meeting. Details are shown below:

Phitsanulok is a healthy city; a smoke and alcohol free province
Dr. Rathaphum Champoon working at Buddhachinaraj Hospital, Phitsanulok presented his experience working for a smoke free province in this province. This province has a quit smoking cliniccalled Clinic Pa Sai. This clinic provides all service in helping smokers to quit smoking, preventing new initial smokers, and providing knowledge of smoking dangers. All hospitals in Phitsanulok province have a Clinic Pa Sai of Buddhachinaraj Hospital. However, the results of work performance in Clinic Pa Sai is not yet been verified because there were only 3 smokers per month participating in the clinic. This number of patients is considered too low. Questions were asked in terms of how to provide quick service and provide public relations along with all other clinics and hospitals in this province.

  • Use advertising media bill boards stating, Smoking is a cause of disease.
  • A clinic provides quick service, free of charge, and efficiently.
  • A clinic provides patient monitoring closely and continually.
  • A clinic modifies its work performance over time to improve for better services.
  • A clinic has clear directions to provide service.

Results of work performance

  • More smokers participated in the clinic (100 patients / month) for each month.
  • Opened a quit alcohol drinking clinic along with a quit smoking clinic.
  • The number of patients participating in clinics was 1,500 people in 2012.

The number of patients participating in clinics was 1,800 people in 2013. The target for the number of patients participating in clinics is set at 5,000 per year in 2014. Theimportant factors of working in this province are: (1) staff should understand true and natural patients, (2) leaders have influence to communities, (3) leaders should be good models resulting in good work performance, and (4) all work performances depend on strategies driven correctly for good results.

This lesson was distilled by Ratikorn Pambrige
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