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Thailand has been nationally and internationally accepted as a country succeeding of the tobacco control with explicit policies, the best tobacco control laws and tobacco control operations in various target groups over ten years.

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Tobacco Information

Tobacco information provides information on the situation of tobacco consumption in Thailand. Data from the Health and Welfare Survey during 1991-present,…Learn More »

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Panusnikrom Hospital is a district hospital that provides health services to people who live in Panusnikrom and Kaochan sub…Learn More »

International journals

International journals : Download as pdf files , etc. Effects of a Cigarette Smoking Prevention Program among Junior High School Students inNorth-East Thailand: A Pilot Survey..Learn More »

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Activities to be implemented within three years Protection from tobacco industry interference in public policy. (A5.3) Legal measures such as tobacco…Learn More »

TRC - National Conference

The National Conference on Tobacco or Health is for knowledge exchange among participants of tobacco consumption control networks including academic staff, researchers, lecturers, public and private authorities..

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Visible Patterns of Vaping Lung Injury


It is important to raise the possibility of vaping-induced lung injury on seeing certain patterns of lung injury because... read more

Warning of respiratory health harms discourage vaping the most


"E-cigarette health harms related to respiratory effects, chemical exposures, and other health areas most discouraged vaping among tobacco users.... read more

Several recent studies have shown that the long-term effects of e-cigarette use


Several recent studies have shown that the long-term effects of e-cigarette use, though likely to be significant, are presently... read more

Acute lung injury from e-cigarette use grows in the US


"As of September 24, 2019, 46 state health departments and one territorial health department had reported 805 patients with... read more

The September 30th issue of Time magazine in the US puts the e-cigarette situation simply


The September 30th issue of Time magazine in the US puts the e-cigarette situation simply, “How JUUL hooked kids... read more

New Vital Strategies Report: Crooked Nine: Nine Ways the Tobacco Industry Undermines Health Policy. New York, NY. Sept 2019


This 55-page report of Vital Strategies in collaboration with STOP (Stopping Tobacco Organizations and Products) partners lays out nine... read more

Smoke from e-cigarettes linked to cancer in animal study


“Published online October 7 in Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), the study found that 9 of 40... read more

Chronic E-Cigarette Use Increases Neutrophil Elastase and Matrix Metalloprotease Levels in the Lung


Ghosh A, Coakley RD, Ghio AJ, Muhlebach MS, Esther CR Jr, Alexis NE, Tarran R. Chronic E-Cigarette Use Increases... read more

Electronic cigarettes disrupt lung lipid homeostasis and innate immunity independent of nicotine


Madison MC, Landers CT, Gu BH, Chang CY, Tung HY, You R, Hong MJ, Baghaei N, Song LZ, Porter... read more

Respiratory disease and death from electronic cigarette use results…


Respiratory disease and death from electronic cigarette use results in Bloomberg Philanthropies launching a $160 million initiative against flavored... read more

Modeling Shows E-cigarette Legalization Unwise


Doan TTT, Tan KW, Dickens BSL, Lean YA, Yang Q, Cook AR. Evaluating smoking control policies in the e-cigarette... read more

Plain Packaging Lowers Smoking Prevalence among Adolescents


Long-term impact of plain packaging of cigarettes with larger graphic health warnings: findings from cross-sectional surveys of Australian adolescents... read more

CEASE Intervention Program in Pediatric Practices Successful


Nabi-Burza E, Drehmer JE, Walters BH, et al. The Clinical Effort Against Secondhand Smoke Exposure Cluster Randomized Clinical Trial.... read more

An uncontrolled human experiment: unknown long-term respiratory effects of e-cigarettes


"Studies show measurable adverse biologic effects on organ and cellular health in humans, in animals, and in vitro. The... read more

US Cigarette Pack Warnings, Finally?


“The 13 proposed warnings, which feature text statements accompanied by photo-realistic color images depicting some of the lesser-known health... read more

US Court-Ordered Anti-smoking Advertisements reach only 40% of adults overall and only one third of young adults.


Chido-Amajuoyi OG, Yu RK, Agaku I, Shete S. Exposure to Court-Ordered Tobacco Industry Antismoking Advertisements Among US Adults. JAMA... read more