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Thailand has been nationally and internationally accepted as a country succeeding of the tobacco control with explicit policies, the best tobacco control laws and tobacco control operations in various target groups over ten years.

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Tobacco information provides information on the situation of tobacco consumption in Thailand. Data from the Health and Welfare Survey during 1991-present,…Learn More »

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Panusnikrom Hospital is a district hospital that provides health services to people who live in Panusnikrom and Kaochan sub…Learn More »

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International journals : Download as pdf files , etc. Effects of a Cigarette Smoking Prevention Program among Junior High School Students inNorth-East Thailand: A Pilot Survey..Learn More »

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Activities to be implemented within three years Protection from tobacco industry interference in public policy. (A5.3) Legal measures such as tobacco…Learn More »

TRC - National Conference

The National Conference on Tobacco or Health is for knowledge exchange among participants of tobacco consumption control networks including academic staff, researchers, lecturers, public and private authorities..

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Lung Disease from E-cigarette Use should be carefully monitored for better treatment and prevention


One NEJM General Medicine Journal Watch Review article, “E-Cigarette or Vaping-Associated Lung Injury”, notes: “Evaluation of (e-cigarette lung injuries)... read more

Youth Initiation of E-cigarette use at younger ages in the US


Evans-Polce R, Veliz P, Boyd CJ, McCabe VV, and McCabe SE. Trends in E-Cigarette, Cigarette, Cigar, and Smokeless Tobacco... read more

Unsubstantiated claims of e-cigarettes safety exposed


In an article published online on 8 January 2020 in the American Journal of Public Health; “Invalidity of an... read more

Menthol influences the addictive potential of tobacco products


Wickham RJ. The Biological Impact of Menthol on Tobacco Dependence. Nicotine & Tobacco Research, ntz239, https://doi.org/10.1093/ntr/ntz239 (more…) read more

Two studies show that the vaping industry is using advertising, promotion and scholarships to promote vaping in the US and Japan


“We discovered 21 entities that were offering 40 scholarships to youth and/or young adults... These scholarships originated from diverse... read more

JUUL and Combusted Cigarettes Comparably Impair Endothelial Function


"Aerosol/smoke from JUUL, previous generation e-cigs, and cigarettes all impaired endothelial function. The extent of impairment ranged from 34%... read more

US Government takes weak stand on flavored E-cigarettes


“Press reports on New Year’s eve indicated that the White House will allow the FDA to stop allowing the... read more

US study shows vaping as a one-way bridge to cigarette smoking among youth


Miech R, Patrick ME, O’Malley PM, Johnston LD. E-cigarette use as a predictor of cigarette smoking: results from a... read more

E-cigarette, Vaping Associated Lung Injury (EVALI) with one or many possible causes?


Vitamin E Acetate Might Be Responsible for Vaping-Associated Lung Injury A November article reporting analysis of lung fluids from... read more

Unambiguous and strong support for FCTC Article 5.3…


Unambiguous and strong support for FCTC Article 5.3 important to prevent tobacco industry interference in government policy ฅ Willemsen... read more

Tobacco control measures cut prevalence in Taiwan, but more may be needed


Sanna M, et al. Tobacco control within and beyond WHO MPOWER: outcomes from Taiwan SimSmoke. Tobacco Control. 2019. https://tobaccocontrol.bmj.com/content/early/2019/12/13/tobaccocontrol-2018-054544... read more

E-cigarette use associated with chronic lung conditions in longitudinal study


Bhatta DN, Glantz SA. Association of E-Cigarette Use With Respiratory Disease Among Adults: A Longitudinal Analysis. American Journal of... read more

Tobacco Industry Watch…


“Tobacco Industry Watch” article highlights Tobacco Industry Strategies using pricing as other measures are regulated in Thailand | Mackenzie... read more

Research highlights who uses the two most common heated tobacco products in Japan


Sutanto E, et al. Prevalence, Use Behaviors, and Preferences among Users of Heated Tobacco Products: Findings from the 2018... read more

Exposing tobacco industry marketing


It is increasingly difficult to bring great attention to tobacco as an existential concern because every concern (air pollution,... read more

Harm Reduction through alternative nicotine products; Not a proven population-based strategy


"It must be acknowledged that many health professionals, tobacco control professionals and decision-makers who recommend the harm reduction strategy... read more