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Background and Statement

Tobacco Control Research and Knowledge Management Center (TRC),Mahidol University, was established in 2005 with its objective to more effectively drive tobacco control in Thailand. Therefore, TRC acts as a main organization working to provide innovative research to develop and produce important results that: (1) Establish tobacco control background information, (2) Encourages tobacco control research and evaluation, (3) Conducts and develops surveillance of tobacco control systems, (4) Works to develop researchers for tobacco control, and (5) Manages tobacco control knowledge.

TRC’s previous performance established a tobacco control surveillance system for the country by continually updating the current smoking situation in Thailand. The updated smoking situation was utilized to determine national tobacco control targeting to solve smoking problems among various groups through effective measures, and also to help inform the strategy and action plan for tobacco control in the country.

TRC also embarked on tobacco control research that included commissioned research, supporting academicians and local researchers (in sub – districts, districts, and provinces), and fostered new tobacco researchers to extend and increase the effectiveness of tobacco control, as well as sharing the benefits of the tobacco control research interface from Thailand to neighboring countries. Moreover, TRC also emphasized knowledge management which benefits policy-oriented research and serves to further informed tobacco control performance in Thailand.
The result of encouragement of projects and the funding of research from 1 July 2012 – 31 August 2015 in supporting the conduct of research and theses (for Masters’ and PhD degrees) totaled 109 research projects. The budget spent for this support was 29,147,803 baht which included: (1) Continued research projects from TRC’s second funding period (47 research project) totaling 5,996,259 baht, and (2) New research projects from 1 July 2012 – 31 August 2015 (62 research projects) totaling 23,151,553 baht.
The number of new research projects supported by TRC in its third funding period is 62 research projects. The new research projects are classified as research projects / policy research projects (16 projects), general research (22 research projects), theses (24 thesis projects), published research projects in Thai journals (24 research articles), and research articles published in international journals (10 research papers).