Being proud

Khun Koontida Chantaranusorn wrote a story and submitted it to TRC. This story was selected by a committee to be presented as an exchange of knowledge in the 10th National Conference on Tobacco or Health on 10 August 2011 at Miracle Grand Convention Hotel. Following is Khun Koontidas story which may help encourage professionals to work on quitting smoking.

When I was a child, I had a lot of dreams about what I was going to be when I grew up. As a little girl, I told myself that I would like to be a nurse. After I graduated from high school (Matthayom 6), I was confused about what to do. My intention at that time was to be a tourist guide, but this did not go as I expected because I passed the examination for being a nurse.

When I first learned that I would study nursing, I felt regret and very sad because I would have to work with sick people and a lot of diseases. No, this was impossible!
After graduated from nursing school, I got a first job as a nurse at a community hospital which was far away from cities, did not have any shops near to the hospital and few modern facilities there. All staff worked sincerely and had never asked for overtime payment (OT). The only focus was that we needed to help each other as a team to help patients. The relationship among working staff was very good as well as the relationship between nurses and patients.

I will give you just one example. I monitored one person, Uncle Srieng, on his first period in quitting smoking by telephone through his daughter. After knowing that he could quit smoking, I looked back at my old days and felt very proud of what good I had done for a lot of people. If I would not have been a nurse, I would not have had the chance to accomplish a lot of good things for other people. The feeling of regret and sorrow disappeared and was replaced with a proud feeling in my mind. What about you Shouldnt we help all smokers to quit smoking for their health and family

Writer: Koontida Chantaranusor,
Senior nurse, Pabon Hospital, Phatthalung

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