Bangbo Hospital, Free Hospital Model

Bangbo Hospital, Samutprakran Province : Bangbo Hospital, Samutprakran Province has been a 100% Smoke free hospital since it was a Fa Sai Clinic, a clinic whose purpose is helping people quit drugs. Bangbo Hospital provides service to people who live in Bangbo district and Bangsaothong district. The target groups in being a smoke free hospital are its 310 staff, the Outpatient Department (OPD) patients, and patents relatives including people living in areas surrounding the hospital. An important factor in forwarding a 100% Smoke free hospital is adjusting the staffs attitude. The work outline is separated into 3 sub – categories: (1) Setting polices/plans, (2) Establishing public relationships, and (3) Setting the screening system for patients who are addicted to smoking. Applying smoke free hospital activities to the staffs routine work can be done by (1) Developing a staff manual, (2) Setting a working system using existing information of each department, and (3) Developing the OPD patient system and adapting the outpatient building for easy transfer of patients to the cessation service. These can help all departments better understand having a 100% Smoke free hospital while driving work performance in neighboring schools at the same time.

Bangbo Hospital, Samutprakran Province: Forward to a Work system for a 100% Smoke Free Hospital.

The purpose of activities
The purpose of activities was to train staff in the hospital to provide cessation services to patients with tobacco addiction and also to apply the 5As to the staffs routine work.
Telling the Story

The background of Bangbo Hospital shows that it was established from a Fai Sai Clinic, a clinic aiming to cure patients who were addicted to drugs. In 2006, establishing a 100% Smoke free hospital was set as a new mission for this hospital. The working teams have been established by selecting 11 staff from all departments to be leaders to work in driving activities for a 100% Smoke free hospital. The 100% Smoke free hospital activities emphasized team work, adjusting attitudes of hospital staff about smokers, understanding smokers, not feeling disgusted with smokers, and feeling a major part in successfully establishing a 100% Smoke free hospital.

Smoke – Free Hospital Model

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