Panusnikrom Hospital, Chonburi Province

Panusnikrom Hospital is a district hospital that provides health services to people who live in Panusnikrom and Kaochan sub districts, Chuonburi province. The Smoke free status of this hospital can be seen through the sign posted in front of the hospital stating, Please dispose of cigarettes before entering the hospital. After entering the hospital, the sign states, Please do not smoking. With reference to the hospital policy, the hospital executive is concerned about the good health of all people. Firstly, staff in the hospital should take good care of their own health. For staff who smoke, cigarette cessation services are being applied to those staff. Moreover, the hospital policy would not accept applicants who smoke to be staff. Considering smoking behavior of hospital staff, not smoking is one factor used to evaluate staff for bonuses. Smoking cessation knowledge is provided to all departments of the hospital. The development of cigarette cessation services includes both Thai traditional and modern medicine. The 5A program is applied to work performance (routine work) in the hospital. Moreover, the hospital also provides knowledge of both cigarette dangers and cigarette cessation and also promotes Smoke free places in communities, temples, factories, schools and public health services.

Panusnikrom Hospital, Chonburi Province: Media campaign Innovation to push for Smoke-free changes.

Telling the Story and Background
Before 2005, some departments of the Panusnikrom Hospital had already gone Smoke free in the hospital. At that time, smoking was only allowed in some areas of the hospital. In 2005, the hospital announced that all areas of the hospital would be Smoke free places, with no smoking or selling of cigarettes in the hospital. In 2007, Panusnikrom Hospital committed to be a 100% Smoke free hospital with Action on Smoking and Health Foundation Thailand.

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