Results show US youth smoking and vaping in 2021 

Monitoring the Future: Results show US youth smoking and vaping in 2021  The Monitoring the Future (MTF) study, also known as the National High School Senior Survey, is a long-term epidemiological study that surveys trends in legal and illicit drug use among American adolescents and adults as well as personal levels of perceived risk and disapproval for each drug.

The prevalence of drugs used by 8th, 10th, and 12th graders in 2021 is provided in the data tables available from this survey. Click on the specific drug, like cigarettes or “any vaping”, to see the prevalence.

Note that the prevalence of use has dropped in 2021 from the 2020 level for both cigarettes and vaping, but that the level of vaping is still 24% while only 4.1% for cigarette use in the last 30 days for 12th graders. Comment: Inadequately regulated vaping products have allowed vaping to replace cigarette consumption among young people in the US. Some feel this replacement is beneficial, except those who see that vaping perpetuates the harms of smoking.
Stephen Hamann

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