Menthol flavoring results in increased particle…

Menthol flavoring results in increased particle pollution and lung damage from e-cigarettes Chandra, D., Bogdanoff, R.F., Bowler, R.P. et al. Electronic cigarette menthol flavoring is associated with increased inhaled micro and sub-micron particles and worse lung function in combustion cigarette smokers. Respir Res. 2023. 24, 108.
“… we first performed preclinical studies using our novel robotic platform Human Vaping Mimetic Real-Time Particle Analyzer (HUMITIPAA). HUMITIPAA generates fresh aerosols for any desired (electronic cigarette) EC in a very controlled and user-definable manner and utilizes an optical sensing system to quantitate and analyze sub-micron and microparticles from every puff over the course of vaping session in real-time while emulating clinically relevant breathing mechanics and vaping topography. We discovered that addition of menthol flavoring to freshly prepared e-liquid base propylene glycol–vegetable glycerin leads to enhanced particle counts in all tested size fractions, similar to the effect of adding vitamin E acetate to e-liquid we previously reported. Similarly, we found that menthol vs. non-menthol (tobacco) flavored pods from commercially available ECs leads to generation of significantly higher quantities of 1–10 µm particles upon inhalation….

Importantly, here we demonstrate utility of the Human Vaping Mimetic Real-Time Particle Analyzer as a predictive enabling technology to identify inhalation toxicological potential of emerging ECs as the chemical formulation of e-liquid gets modified.”
Stephen Hamann

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