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Research paper

  • It is better to be a fat ex-smoker than a thin smoker: findings from the 19972004 National Health Interview SurveyNational Death Index linkage study. Mohammad Siahpush, Gopal K Singh, Melissa Tibbits, Courtney A Pinard, Raees A Shaikh, Amy Yaroch >
  • Assessing the effectiveness of antismoking television advertisements: do audience ratings of perceived effectiveness predict changes in quitting intentions and smoking behaviours Emily Brennan, Sarah J Durkin, Melanie A Wakefield, Yoshihisa Kashima >
  • Cross-country comparison of waterpipe use: nationally representative data from 13 low and middle-income countries from the Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS). Jeremy Morton, Yang Song, Heba Fouad, Fatimah El Awa, Randa Abou El Naga, Luhua Zhao, Krishna Palipudi, Samira Asma , on behalf of the GATS Collaborative Group >
  • Estimating the cost of a smoking employee. Micah Berman, Rob Crane, Eric Seiber, Mehmet Munur >

Brief reports

  • The recent and projected public health and economic benefits of cigarette taxation in Greece. Hillel R Alpert, Constantine I Vardavas, Frank J Chaloupka, Athanassios Vozikis, Konstantinos Athanasakis, Ioannis Kyriopoulos, Monique Bertic, Panagiotis K Behrakis, Gregory N Connolly >

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Special communication

  • Tracking the relevance of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control in legislation and litigation through the online resource, Tobacco Control Laws. Monique E Muggli, Annie Zheng, Jonathan Liberman, Nicholas Coxon, Liz Candler, Kaitlin Donley, Patricia Lambert >


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