BMJ tobacco control may 2011,-volume 20, issue 3

BMJ tobacco control may 2011,-volume 20, issue 3


  • Tobacco and NIH: more than addiction. John R Seffrin, Nancy A Brown, Charles D Connor, Matthew L Myers, Cheryl Healton, Jud Richland  : Read more

News analysis

Electronic pages

  • Global surveillance of oral tobacco products: total nicotine, unionised nicotine and tobacco-specific N-nitrosamines. Stephen B Stanfill, Gregory N Connolly, Liqin Zhang, Lily T Jia, Jack E Henningfield, Patricia Richter, Tameka S Lawler, Olalekan A Ayo-Yusuf, David L Ashley, Clifford H Watson : Read more

Research papers

  • Effects of dissuasive packaging on young adult smokers. SJanet Hoek, Christiane Wong, Philip Gendall, Jordan Louviere, Karen Cong : Read more
  • Non-smoking worksites in the residential construction sector: using an online forum to study perspectives and practices. Susan J Bondy, Kim L Bercovitz : Read more
  • Smoking restrictions in bars and bartender smoking in the US, 19922007. Marianne P Bitler, Christopher Carpenter, Madeline Zavodny : Read more
  • Children’s loss of autonomy over smoking: the global youth tobacco survey. Elpidoforos S Soteriades, George Spanoudis, Michael A Talias, Charles W Warren, Joseph R DiFranza : Read more
  • Smoke-free households with children and decreasing rates of paediatric clinical encounters for otitis media in the United States.  Hillel R Alpert, Ilan Behm, Gregory N Connolly, Zubair Kabir : Read more
  • Not just a few wisps: real-time measurement of tobacco smoke at entrances to office buildings. Pamela Kaufman, Bo Zhang, Susan J Bondy, Neil Klepeis, Roberta Ferrence : Read more
  • Understanding worldwide youth attitudes towards smoke-free policies: an analysis of the Global Youth Tobacco Survey. Howard K Koh, Hillel R Alpert, Christine M Judge, Robert W Caughey, Loris J Elqura, Gregory N Connolly, Charles W Warren : Read more
  • Blood cigarettes: cigarette smuggling and war economies in central and eastern Africa. Kristof Titeca, Luk Joossens, Martin Raw : Read more

Research letter

  • Has the Japanese hotel industry progressed in tobacco control since the implementation of its Health Promotion Law in 2003. Masako Kitada, Yoshinobu Hata, Susumu Ukae : Read more

Brief report

  • Effectiveness of tax and price policies in tobacco control. Frank J Chaloupka, Kurt Straif, Maria E Leon : Read more
  • Smokers who are also using smokeless tobacco products in the US: a national assessment of characteristics, behaviours and beliefs of dual users. Annette K McClave-Regan, Judy Berkowitz : Read more


  • Electronic nicotine delivery systems: a research agenda. Jean-Franois Etter, Chris Bullen, Andreas D Flouris, Murray Laugesen, Thomas Eissenberg : Read more


  • Letter: Neighbour smoke: proposal for a new term. Anne-Line Brink, Inge Haunstrup Clemmensen : Read more

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