• Tobacco money and public health. N Collishaw :Link here

News analysis 

  • India: court bans tobacco board from trade show  :Link here

Electronic pages 

  • Uneasy money: the Instituto Carlos Slim de la Salud, tobacco philanthropy and conflict of interest in global health. T Burch, N Wander, J Collin  :Link here

Research papers 

  • Malaysian and Thai smokers beliefs about the harmfulness of light and menthol cigarettes. B King, H-H Yong, R Borland, M Omar, A A Ahmad, B Sirirassamee, S Hamann, RJ OConnor, M Bansal-Travers, T Elton-Marshall, W B Lee, D Hammond, J Thrasher :Link here    [Click here to read Thai abstract
  • Are Australian smokers interested in using low-nitrosamine smokeless tobacco for harm reduction C E Gartner, E V Jimenez-Soto, R Borland, R J OConnor, W D Hall  :Link here 
  • Tobacco smoking in seven Latin American cities: the CARMELA study. B M Champagne, E M Sebrie, H Schargrodsky, P Pramparo, C Boissonnet, E Wilson  :Link here 
  • The impact of tobacco control policies in Albania.  E Zaloshmja, H Ross, D T Levy  :Link here 
  • Secondhand tobacco smoke in bars and restaurants in Santiago, Chile: evaluation of partial smoking ban legislation in public places.  M Erazo,V Iglesias, A Droppelmann, M Acuna, A Peruga, P N Brevsse, A Navas-Acien  :Link here 
  • Using geographic information systems to compare the density of stores selling tobacco and alcohol: youth making an argument for increased regulation of the tobacco permitting process in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.  Y Ogneva-Himmelberge,  L Ross, W Burdick, S-A Simpson  :Link here 
  • Self-reported price of cigarettes, consumption and compensatory behaviours in a cohort of Mexican smokers before and after a cigarette tax increase.   B Saenz-de-Miera, j F Thrasher, F J Chaloupka, H R Waters, M Hernandez-Avila, G T Fong :Link here 
  • Participation in a population-based physical activity programme as an aid for smoking cessation: a randomized trial. R Bize, C Willi, A Chiolero, R Stoianov, S Payot, I Locatelli, J Cornuz  :Link here


  • The association between home smoking restrictions and youth smoking behaviour: a review.  K Emory, N Saquib, E A Gilpin, J P Pierce   :Link here

Brief Report 

  • Using policy to increase prescribing of smoking cessation medications in the VA healthcare.  M W Smith, S Chen, A M Siroka, K Hamlett-Berry  :Link here

Industry watch 

  • Swedish Match marketing on YouTube.  A B Seidenberg V W Rees, G N Connolly  :Link here

Special communications 

  • The case for recycling and adapting anti-tobacco mass media campaigns.  T Cotter, D Perez, S Dunlop, W T Hung, A Dessaix, J F Bishop  :Link here 
  • Carcinogens in a puff: smoking in Hong Kong movies.  S-Y Ho, M-P Wag, H-K Lai, A J Hedley, T-H Lam   :Link here


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