BMJ TOBACCO CONTROL January 2011, Volume 20, Issue 1


  • Thirdhand smoke: here to stay. Suzaynn Schick :Link here

News analysis 

Electronic pages 

  • When smokers move out and non-smokers move in: residential thirdhand smoke pollution and exposure. Georg E Matt, Penelope J E Quintana, Joy M Zakarian, Addie L Fortmann, Dale A Chatfield, Eunha Hoh, Anna M Uribe, Melbourne F Hovell :Link here 
  • Active smoking and secondhand smoke increase breast cancer risk: the report of the Canadian Expert Panel on Tobacco Smoke and Breast Cancer Risk (2009). Kenneth C Johnson, Anthony B Miller, Neil E Collishaw, Julie R Palmer, S Katharine Hammond, Andrew G Salmon, Kenneth P Cantor, Mark D Miller, Norman F Boyd, John Millar, Fernand Turcotte  :Link here 
  • International trade versus public health during the FCTC negotiations, 1999-2003. Hadii M Mamudu, Ross Hammond, Stanton A Glantz  :Link here 
  • Smoking prevalence in the European Union: a comparison of national and transnational prevalence survey methods and results. Ilze Bogdanovica, Fiona Godfrey, Ann McNeill, John Britton  :Link here 

Research papers 

  • Relationship between the Chinese tobacco industry and academic institutions in China. Quan Gan, Stanton A Glantz:Link here 
  • Assessment of tobacco control advocacy behavioural capacity among students at schools of public health in China. Tingzhong Yang, Abu S Abdullah, Ian R H Rockett, Mu Li, Yuhua Zhou, Jun Ma, Huaping Ji, Jianzhong Zheng, Yuhong Zhang, Liming Wang  :Link here 
  • Exploring differences in smokers’ perceptions of the effectiveness of cessation media messages. Kevin C Davis, James M Nonnemaker, Matthew C Farrelly, Jeff Niederdeppe   :Link here 
  • Temporal changes of under-reporting of cigarette consumption in population-based studies. Silvano Gallus, Irene Tramacere, Paolo Boffetta, Esteve Fernandez, Silvia Rossi, Piergiorgio Zuccaro, Paolo Colombo, Carlo La Vecchia  :Link here
  • A randomised controlled trial of proactive telephone counseling on cold-called smokers’ cessation rates. Flora Tzelepis, Christine L Paul, John Wiggers, Raoul A Walsh, Jenny Knight, Sarah L Duncan, Christophe Lecathelinais, Afaf Girgis, Justine Daly  :Link here 
  • Electronic nicotine delivery systems: is there a need for regulation Anna Trtchounian, Prue Talbot  :Link here 
  • Applying toxicological risk assessment principles to constituents of smokeless tobacco products: implications for product regulation. Olalekan A Ayo-Yusuf, Greg N Connolly  :Link here 
  • Workplace exposure to secondhand smoke and its association with respiratory symptomsa cross-sectional study among workers in Shanghai. Pinpin Zheng, Weixia Li, Simon Chapman, Zhixing Zhang, Junling Gao, Hua Fu  :Link here 
  • Strong advocacy led to successful implementation of smokefree Mexico City. Eric Crosbie, Ernesto M Sebri, Stanton A Glantz  :Link here

Brief Report 

  • Economic effects of Ohio’s smoke-free law on Kentucky and Ohio border counties. Mark K Pyles, Ellen J Hahn  :Link here 
  • Ignition strength of 25 international cigarette brands. Andrew B Seidenberg, Vaughan W Rees, Hillel R Alpert, Richard J O’Connor, Gregory N Connolly :Link here 

Industry watch 

  • Electronic cigarettes: a new tobacco industry Jonathan K Noel, Vaughan W Rees, Gregory N Connolly :Link here

Special communications 

  • Secondhand smoke exposure and the risk of hearing loss. David A Fabry, Evelyn P Davila, Kristopher L Arheart, Berrin Serdar, Noella A Dietz, Frank C Bandiera, David J Lee  :Link here 


  • Letter: Validity of self-reported smoking among women hospital staff in Tunisia. Radhouane Fakhfakh, Anis Klouz, Mohamed Lakhal, Chalbi Belkahia, Noureddine Achour  :Link here

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