BMJ January 2014, Volume 23, Issue 1


  • The symbolic and the material in tobacco control: both matter. Ruth E Malon Click

News analysis

  • Worldwide news and comment  Click

Research papers

  • Menthol use among smokers with psychological distress: findings from the 2008 and 2009 National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Norval J Hickman III, Kevin L Delucchi, Judith J Prochaska Click
  • Particulate mass and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons exposure from secondhand smoke in the back seat of a vehicle. Amanda L Northcross, Michael Trinh, Jay Kim, Ian A Jones, Matthew J Meyers, Delia D Dempsey, Neal L Benowitz, S Katharine Hammond Click
  • YouTube: a promotional vehicle for little cigars and cigarillos. Amanda Richardson, Donna M Vallone Click
  • Associations between self-reported in-home smoking behaviours and surface nicotine concentrations in multiunit subsidised housing. Nancy E Hood, Amy K Ferketich, Elizabeth G Klein, Phyllis Pirie, Mary Ellen Wewers Click
  • Smoking uptake is associated with increased psychological distress: results of a national longitudinal study. Kristie N Carter, Frederieke S van der Deen, Nick Wilson, Tony Blakely Click
  • Contextual and community factors associated with youth access to cigarettes through commercial sources. Sharon Lipperman-Kreda, Joel W Grube, Karen B Friend Click
  • Motivations for genetic testing for lung cancer risk among young smokers. Suzanne C O’Neill, Isaac M Lipkus, Saskia C Sanderson, James Shepperd, Sharron Docherty, Colleen M McBride Click
  • The case for Of smoke: the potential for price cap regulation of tobacco to raise 500 million per year in the UK. J Robert Branston, Anna B Gilmore Click
  • Biomarkers of secondhand smoke exposure in automobiles. Ian A Jones, Gideon St.Helen, Matthew J Meyers, Delia A Dempsey, Christopher Havel, Peyton Jacob III, Amanda Northcross, S Katharine Hammond, Neal L Benowit Click
  • The effects of variant descriptors on the potential effectiveness of plain packaging. Ron Borland, Steven Savvas  Click
  • Tobacco display and brand communication at the point of sale: implications for adolescent smoking behavior. Dionysis Spanopoulos, John Britton, Ann McNeill, Elena Ratschen, Lisa Szatkowsk Click
  • Product retrieval time in small tobacco retail outlets before and after the Australian plain packaging policy: real-world stud. Melanie Wakefield, Megan Bayly, Michelle Scollo Click

Research letters

  • Variable and potentially fatal amounts of nicotine in e-cigarette nicotine solutions. Jennifer M Cameron, Donelle N Howell, John R White, David M Andrenyak, Matthew E Layton, John M Roll Click

Ad watch

  • The cigar ambassador: how Snoop Dogg uses Instagram to promote tobacco use. Amanda Richardson, Ollie Ganz, Donna Vallone Click

Industry watch

  • Illicit trade, tobacco industry-funded studies and policy influence in the EU and UK. Gary Jonas Fooks, Silvy Peeters, Karen Evans-Reeves Click
  • Tobacco industry tangos with descriptor ban in Malaysia. Yen Lian Tan, Kin Foong Click

Online articles

  • Special communication: Internataional trade law, plain packaging and tobacco industry political activity: the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Gary Fooks, Anna B Gilmore Click
  • Research paper: A cross-country study of cigarette prices and affordability: evidence from the Global Adult Tobacco Survey. Heikki Hiilamo, Eric Crosbie, Stanton A Glantz Click
  • Research paper: Pro-smoking apps for smartphones: the latest vehicle for the tobacco industry Nasser F BinDhim, Becky Freeman, Lyndal Trevena Click

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