BMJ TOBACCO CONTROL March 2011, Volume 20, Issue 2


  • Hate mail, tobacco control and social change. Ruth E Malone  Read more 

News analysis 

Electronic pages 

  • Qualitative analysis of Camel Snus’ website message boardusers’ product perceptions, insights and online interactions. Olivia Ann Wackowski, M Jane Lewis, Cristine D Delnevo  Read more

Research papers 

  • The role of parents, friends and teachers in adolescents’ cigarette smoking and tombak dipping in Sudan. Salma El-Tayeb El-Amin, Bright I Nwaru, Ibrahim Ginawi, Paola Pisani, Matti Hakama  Read more
  • Covering their butts: responses to the cigarette litter problem. Elizabeth A Smith, Patricia A McDaniel  Read more
  • Secondhand tobacco smoke exposure in selected public places (PM2.5 and air nicotine) and non-smoking employees (hair nicotine) in Ghana. Wilfred Agbenyikey, Edith Wellington, John Gyapong, Mark J Travers, Patrick N Breysse, Kathleen M McCarty, Ana Navas-Acien  Read more
  • Examining smoking behaviours among parents from the UK Millennium Cohort Study after the smoke-free legislation in Scotland. Summer Sherburne Hawkins, Tim J Cole, Catherine Law  Read more
  • YouTube as a source of quitting smoking information. Cathy L Backinger, Alison M Pilsner, Erik M Augustson, Andrea Frydl, Todd Phillips, Jessica Rowden  Read more
  • Health consequences of pipe versus cigarette smoking. Aage Tverdal, Kjell Bjartveit  Read more
  • Workplace smoking policies and their association with male employees’ smoking behaviours: a cross-sectional survey in one company in China. JiaNing Gao, PinPin Zheng, JunLing Gao, Simon Chapman, Hua Fu  Read more
  • Evaluation of the removal of point-of-sale tobacco displays in Ireland. Ann McNeill, Sarah Lewis, Casey Quinn, Maurice Mulcahy, Luke Clancy, Gerard Hastings, Richard Edwards  Read more
  • Smoking among Lao medical doctors: challenges and opportunities for tobacco control. Sychareun Vanphanom, Martha Morrow, Alongkone Phengsavanh, Visanou Hansana, Sysavanh Phommachanh, Tanja Tomson  Read more
  • Economic evaluation of the removal of tobacco promotional displays in Ireland. Casey Quinn, Sarah Lewis, Richard Edwards, Ann McNeill  Read more
  • The effect of So Paulo’s smoke-free legislation on carbon monoxide concentration in hospitality venues and their workers. Jaqueline S Issa, Tania M O Abe, Alexandre C Pereira, Maria Cristina Megid, Cristina E Shimabukuro, Luis Sergio O Valentin, Marizete M da C Ferreira, Moacyr R C Nobre, Ines Lancarotte, Antonio Carlos Pereira Barretto  Read more

Brief report 

  • Age verification cards fail to fully prevent minors from accessing tobacco products. Hideyuki Kanda, Yoneatsu Osaki, Takashi Ohida, Yoshitaka Kaneita, Takeshi Munezawa  Read more
  • Contribution of smoking-related and alcohol-related deaths to the gender gap in mortality: evidence from 30 European countries. Gerry McCartney, Lamia Mahmood, Alastair H Leyland, G David Batty, Kate Hunt  Read more

Advocacy in action 

  • Pig’s blood in cigarette filters: how a single news release highlighted tobacco industry concealment of cigarette ingredients. Ross MacKenzie, Simon Chapman  Read more


  • Letter: Contraband cigarette consumption among adolescent daily smokers in Ontario, Canada. Russell C Callaghan, Scott Veldhuizen, David Ip  Read more


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