BMJ TOBACCO CONTROL May 2012, Volume 21, Issue 3


  • For once, truth in tobacco advertising: it is ?better to die? than to not smoke (better for tobacco companies, that is). Ruth E Malone| Click

News analysis

  • Worldwide news and comment| Click

Research papers

  • Roadmap to a tobacco epidemic: transnational tobacco companies invade Indonesia. Richard D Hurt, Jon O Ebbert, Anhari Achadi, Ivana T Croghan | Click
  • Gainfully employed? An inquiry into bidi-dependent livelihoods in Bangladesh. Anupom Roy, Debra Efroymson, Lori Jones, Saifuddin Ahmed, Islam Arafat, Rashmi Sarker, Sian FitzGerald | Click
  • Impact of tobacco advertisements on tobacco use among urban adolescents in India: results from a longitudinal study.  Monika Arora, Vinay K Gupta, Gaurang P Nazar, Melissa H Stigler, Cheryl L Perry, K Srinath Reddy | Click
  • A tobacco-related carcinogen: assessing the impact of smoking behaviours of cohabitants on benzene exposure in children. Carmela Protano, Roberta Andreoli, Paola Manini, Maurizio Guidotti, Matteo Vitali | Click
  • Trends in home smoking bans in the USA, 1995?2007: prevalence, discrepancies and disparities.  Xiao Zhang, Ana P Martinez-Donate, Daphne Kuo, Nathan R Jones, Karen A Palmersheim | Click
  • Smokers’ self-reported responses to the introduction of reduced ignition propensity (RIP) cigarettes. Andrew B Seidenberg, Vaughan W Rees, Hillel R Alpert, Richard J O’Connor, Gary A Giovino, Andrew Hyland, Gregory N Connolly | Click
  • Tobacco expenditures and its implications for household resource allocation in Cambodia.  Rijo M John, Hana Ross, Evan Blecher | Click


  • Effectiveness of testing for genetic susceptibility to smoking-related diseases on smoking cessation outcomes: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Chris Smerecnik, Janaica E J Grispen, Marieke Quaak | Click
  • A systematic review of longitudinal population-based studies on the predictors of smoking cessation in adolescent and young adult smokers. Semanur Cengelli, Jennifer O’Loughlin, Beatrice Lauzon, Jacques Cornuz | Click

Ad watch

  • Planting trees without leaving home: tobacco company direct-to-consumer CSR efforts. Mariaelena Gonzalez, Pamela M Ling, Stanton A Glantz | Click

Industry watch

  • Smoking accessories for cessation? Mixed messages in Hong Kong. Kwok Kei Mak | Click
  • RJ Reynolds goes international with new dissolvable tobacco products. Kwok Andrew B Seidenberg, Vaughan W Rees, Gregory N Connolly | Click
  • Better to die than to leave a friend behind: industry strategy to reach the young. Kwok Kei Mak | Click

Brief reports

  • Exempting casinos from the Smoke-free Illinois Act will not bring patrons back: they never left. Jenine K Harris, Bobbi J Carothers, Douglas A Luke, Hiie Silmere, Timothy D McBride, Martin Pion | Click
  • Waterpipe tobacco products: nicotine labelling versus nicotine delivery. Andrea R Vansickel, Alan Shihadeh, Thomas Eissenberg | Click

Research letters

  • When a tax increase fails as a tobacco control policy: the ITC China project evaluation of the 2009 cigarette tax increase in China. Qiang Li, Teh-wei Hu, Zhengzhong Mao, Richard J O’Connor, Geoffrey T Fong, Changbao Wu, Jingjing Zhang, Anne C K Quah, Yuan Jiang | Click
  • Western Australian smokers strongly support regulations on the use of chemicals and additives in cigarettes. Qiang Li, Teh-wei Hu, Zhengzhong Mao, Richard J O’Connor, Geoffrey T Fong, Changbao Wu, Jingjing Zhang, Anne C K Quah, Yuan Jiang | Click


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