BMJ TOBACCO CONTROL November 2013, Volume 22, Issue 6


  • Tobacco-free pharmacies: can we extend the ban Mitchell Katz : click

News analysis

  • Worldwide news and comment : click

Brief reports

  • Public perceptions of the ban on tobacco sales in San Francisco pharmacies. Lisa A Kroon, Robin L Corelli, Andrew P Roth, Karen Suchanek Hudmon : click

Research papers

  • Availability and range of tobacco products for sale in Massachusetts pharmacies.  Andrew B Seidenberg, Weiwei Hong, JiaYue Liu, Jonathan K Noel, Vaughan W Rees : click
  • Unplanned cigarette purchases and tobacco point of sale advertising: a potential barrier to smoking cessation.  Eben J Clattenburg, Jessica L Elf, Benjamin J Apelberg : click
  • Patterns of snus and cigarette use: a study of Norwegian men followed from age 16 to 19.  Liv Grtvedt, Lisa Forsn, Knut Stavem, Sidsel Graff-Iversen : click
  • Receptivity to tobacco marketing and susceptibility to smoking among non-smoking male students in an urban setting in Lao PDR.  Junko Saito, Junko Yasuoka, Krishna C Poudel, Ly Foung, Somphone Vilaysom, Masamine Jimba : click
  • The times are changing: New Zealand smokers’ perceptions of the tobacco endgame.  Ninya Maubach, Janet A Hoek, Richard Edwards, Heather Gifford, Stephanie Erick, Rhiannon Newcombe : click
  • Partner cigarette smoking and risk of neural tube defects among infants of non-smoking women in northern China.  Zhiwen Li, Le Zhang, Rongwei Ye, Jianmeng Liu, Lijun Pei, Xiaoying Zheng, Aiguo Ren : click
  • Motivations for genetic testing for lung cancer risk among young smokers.  Suzanne C O’Neill, Isaac M Lipkus, Saskia C Sanderson, James Shepperd, Sharron Docherty, Colleen M McBride : click
  • Awareness, perceptions and use of snus among young adults from the upper Midwest region of the USA.  Kelvin Choi, Jean Forster : click
  • Receipt and redemption of cigarette coupons, perceptions of cigarette companies and smoking cessation. Kelvin Choi, Deborah J Hennrikus, Jean L Forster, Molly Moilanen : click
  • Using findings from a public opinion poll to build political support for tobacco control policy in Kenya.  William K Maina, Rachael Kitonyo, Ahmed E O Ogwell : click

Online articles

  • Research paper: The Gold Standard Programme: smoking cessation interventions for disadvantaged smokers are effective in a real-life setting. Tim Neumann, Mette Rasmussen, Nermin Ghith, Berit L Heitmann, Hanne Tnnesen :click
  • Research paper: The analysis of mainstream smoke emissions of Canadian super slim cigarettes.  May Siu, Nemanja Mladjenovic, Evelyn Soo : click
  • Research paper: Cost-effectiveness of internet and telephone treatment for smoking cessation: an economic evaluation of The iQUITT Study.  Amanda L Graham, Yaojen Chang, Ye Fang, Nathan K Cobb, David S Tinkelman, Raymond S Niaura, David B Abrams, Jeanne S Mandelblatt. : click
  • Research paper: Knowledge of the health impacts of smoking and public attitudes towards tobacco control in the former Soviet Union.  Bayard Roberts, Andrew Stickley, Anna B Gilmore, Kirill Danishevski, Kseniya Kizilova, Anna Bryden, David Rotman, Christian Haerpfer, Martin McKee. : click


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