BMJ TOBACCO CONTROL March 2015, Volume 24, Suppl 1 Editorial

BMJ TOBACCO CONTROL March 2015, Volume 24, Suppl 1 Editorial

  • The waterpipe: an emerging global epidemic in need of action. Kenneth D Ward
  • The global epidemiology of waterpipe smoking. Wasim Maziak, Ziyad Ben Taleb, Raed Bahelah, Farahnaz Islam, Rana Jaber, Rehab Auf, Ramzi G Salloum
  • The allure of the waterpipe: a narrative review of factors affecting the epidemic rise in waterpipe smoking among young persons globally. E A Akl, K D Ward, D Bteddini, R Khaliel, A C Alexander, T Lotfi, H Alaouie, R A Afifi.
  • Toxicant content, physical properties and biological activity of waterpipe tobacco smoke and its tobacco-free alternatives. Alan Shihadeh, Jens Schubert, Joanne Klaiany, Marwan El Sabban, Andreas Luch, Najat A Saliba
  • Health effects associated with waterpipe smoking. Ziad M El-Zaatari, Hassan A Chami, Ghazi S Zaatari
  • Waterpipe tobacco smoking: what is the evidence that it supports nicotine/tobacco dependence? Eiman Aboaziza, Thomas Eissenberg
  • A review of air quality, biological indicators and health effects of second-hand waterpipe smoke exposure. Sumit R Kumar, Shelby Davies, Michael Weitzman, Scott Sherman
  • Waterpipe tobacco smoking legislation and policy enactment: a global analysis. Mohammed Jawad, Lama El Kadi, Sanaa Mugharbil, Rima Nakkash


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