• Imagining things otherwise: new endgame ideas for tobacco control Ruth E Malone [Request permissions] :Link here

News analysis 

  • News analysis: News analysis [Request permissions] [Open access]  :Link here

Electronic pages 

  • Uneasy money: the Instituto Carlos Slim de la Salud, tobacco philanthropy and conflict of interest in global health. T Burch, N Wander, J Collin  :Link here

Research papers 

  • Phasing-out tobacco: proposal to deny access to tobacco for those born from 2000. Deborah Khoo, Yvonne Chiam, Priscilla Ng, A J Berrick, H N Koong :Link here 
  • Connecting world youth with tobacco brands: YouTube and the internet policy vacuum on Web 2.0. Lucy Elkin, George Thomson, Nick Wilson  :Link here 
  • Evaluating the acute effects of oral, non-combustible potential reduced exposure products marketed to smokers. C O Cobb, M F Weaver, T Eissenberg  :Link here 
  • Chinese low-tar cigarettes do not deliver lower levels of nicotine and carcinogens. Quan Gan, Wei Lu, Jiying Xu, Xinjian Li, Maciej Goniewicz, Neal L Benowitz, Stanton A Glantz :Link here 
  • Prevalence of smuggled and foreign cigarette use in Tehran, 2009. Gholamreza Heydari, Saeid Fallah Tafti, Firouzeh Telischi, Luk Joossens, Mostafa Hosseini, ohammadreza Masjedi, Mostafa Ghafari  :Link here 
  • Area deprivation, individual socioeconomic position and smoking among women in South Korea. Eun-Ja Park, Ho Kim, Ichiro Kawachi, Il-Ho Kim, Sung-Il Cho :Link here 
  • Evaluating social and behavioural impacts of English smoke-free legislation in different ethnic and age groups: implications for reducing smoking-related health inequalities. K Lock, E Adams, P Pilkington, K Duckett, A Gilmore, C Marston :Link here 
  • Divergence between strength indicators in packaging and cigarette engineering: a case study of Marlboro varieties in Australia and the USA. Bill King, Ron Borland, Shadeed Abdul-Salaam, Gregory Polzin, David Ashley, Clifford Watson, Richard J O’Connor  :Link here 
  • Workplace smoking restrictions in China: results from a six county survey. Jiemin Ma, Benjamin J Apelberg, Erika Avila-Tang, Gonghuan Yang, Shaojun Ma, Jonathan M amet, Frances A Stillman :Link here


  • Efficacy of motivational interviewing for smoking cessation: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Carolyn J Heckman, Brian L Egleston, Makary T Hofmann :Link here

Brief Report 

  • Indoor smoking bans in Bulgaria, Croatia, Northern Cyprus, Romania and Turkey. J L Muilenburg, J S Legge, Jr, A Burdell:Link here

Industry watch 

  • Tobacco manufacturing data demonstrate industry product switching in response to tax increases. D S Morris :Link here 

Special communications 

  • The case for OFSMOKE: how tobacco price regulation is needed to promote the health of markets, government revenue and the public. Anna B Gilmore, J Robert Branston, David Sweanor  :Link here 
  • Ending appreciable tobacco use in a nation: using a sinking lid on supply. George Thomson, Nick Wilson, Tony Blakely, Richard Edwards :Link here

Electronic pages 

  • Nicotine reduction revisited: science and future directions. Dorothy K Hatsukami, Kenneth A Perkins, Mark G LeSage, David L Ashley, Jack E Henningfield, Neal L Benowitz, Cathy L Backinger, Mitch Zeller :Link here

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