Toxicological biomarker reduction through alternative tobacco products…

Toxicological biomarker reduction through alternative tobacco products as seen by tobacco-interest science and with multiple research limitations

McEwan M, et al. A randomized controlled study in healthy participants to explore the exposure continuum when smokers switch to a tobacco heating product or an E-cigarette relative to cessation. Toxicology Reports. Volume 8, 2021, Pages 994-1001.
Authors conclude: “Tobacco-heated products or electronic cigarette use over a 5-day period resulted in significant reductions in exposure to smoke toxicants” when compared to biomarker levels for conventional cigarettes. However, this study had significant limitations:

“Firstly, this study was conducted in a confined controlled environment and this may not reflect real-world use… Secondly, this study does not cover the potential risk of tobacco-related disease… Finally, this does not address the effects of potential dual-use along with combustible cigarettes….”

NOTE: A fourth limitation: This research was done by British American Tobacco researchers, a clear conflict of interest. Research by tobacco interests must be labeled as such and is not an unbiased source of evidence.

Stephen Hamann

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