Science Funding: The answer to Big Tobacco influencing scientific standards?

Legg T, Hatchard J, Gilmore AB. The Science for Profit Model—How and why corporations influence science and the use of science in policy and practice. PLoS ONE. 23 June 2021.

“The tobacco industry has had more success embedding industry-friendly scientific standards in US policymaking environments, however, where Philip Morris was the driving force behind the implementation of the US Information Quality Act… This Act required government agencies to produce quality guidelines for the science used in their decision-making, rather than relying on peer-review as a quality standard, as was previously the case… Ultimately, however, addressing the underlying driver of much of this corporate influence on science is best achieved via structural changes to the way science is funded. A model for how corporate monies can be used to fund independent science has been elaborated for tobacco–essentially by mandating payments from industry which are then independently administered.”
Stephen Hamann

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