Menthol ban results in quitting of daily and occasional menthol smokers

Chaiton MO, Nicolau I, Schwartz R, Cohen JE, Soule E, Zhang B, Eissenberg T. Ban on menthol-flavoured tobacco products predicts cigarette cessation at 1 year: a population cohort study. Tobacco Control. 2020; 29: 3.“The province of Ontario, Canada, banned the use of menthol-flavored tobacco products as of 1 January 2017. The long-term impact of a menthol ban on smoking behavior has not been previously evaluated…. This was a population cohort study with baseline survey conducted September–December 2016 and follow-up January–August 2018 among residents of Ontario, Canada…. The study found higher rates of quitting among daily and occasional menthol smokers in Ontario 1 year after the implementation of a menthol ban compared with non-menthol smokers.”

By Stephen Hamann

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