Banning fruity and menthol vapes could slash teen e-cigarette use by 70%

Sidhu NK , Lechner WV, Cwalina SN, et al. Adolescent and Young Adult Response to Hypothetical E-Liquid Flavor Restrictions. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs. 3 May 2023; 84(2), 303–308.

“In a (US) national cross-sectional survey, adolescent and young adult (AYA) e-cigarette users (N = 1,414) completed measures of e-cigarette use, device type, e-liquid flavor (tobacco, menthol, cool mint, fruit ice, fruit/sweet), and intent to discontinue e-cigarette use in response to hypothetical federal product standards (i.e., tobacco and menthol or tobacco-only e-liquid).

Overall, 38.8% of the sample reported intent to discontinue using their e-cigarette if tobacco and menthol-flavored e-liquid were the only options available, whereas 70.8% would discontinue under a tobacco-only product standard. AYAs preferring fruit/sweet flavor were most sensitive to either restricted scenario, with odds of discontinuing use ranging from adjusted odds ratio (aOR) = 2.22 to aOR = 2.38 under a tobacco and menthol product standard and aOR = 1.33 to aOR = 2.59 under a tobacco-only product standard, compared with other flavor preferences.”

Comment: The flavor appeal of electronic cigarettes aimed primarily to sustain youth addiction uncovers the myth that production and use are for smoking cessation. Flavorings in electronic cigarettes are unsafe as they are in conventional cigarettes and need to be eliminated.
Stephen Hamann

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