Juul to pay $462 million to six states, D.C. in the USA

Pierson B. Reuters News. Juul to pay $462 million to six states, D.C. in the USA, over youth addiction claims. 13 April 2023

E-cigarette maker Juul Labs Inc agreed on Wednesday to pay $462 million over eight years to settle claims by six U.S. states, including New York and California, along with the District of Columbia, that it unlawfully marketed its addictive products to minors.”
“Juul’s lies led to a nationwide public health crisis and put addictive products in the hands of minors who thought they were doing something harmless,” New York Attorney General Letitia James said at a news conference.

Comment: Misrepresenting and youth marketing of e-cigarettes shows the intent is sales at any cost, not cessation of conventional cigarettes.

TRC Research Commentary

Adult smoking drops while youth e-cigarette use climbs in the US

US adult cigarette smoking rate hits new all-time low: U.S. adults smoke less. MIKE STOBBE AP. Medical Writer. April 27, 2023, 3:05 AM

“U.S. cigarette smoking dropped to another all-time low last year, with 1 in 9 adults (11%) saying they were current smokers, according to government survey data released Thursday. Meanwhile, electronic cigarette use rose to about 1 in 17 adults (6%).

Smoking and vaping rates are almost reversed for teens. Only about 2% of high school students were smoking traditional cigarettes last year, but about 14% were using e-cigarettes, according to other CDC data.”

Note: Those who support vaping report this is a great victory since youth are not using traditional cigarettes. If youth have switched from nicotine addiction through one product to another product (e-cigarettes), how is this cessation from drug addiction to nicotine?

Further, there is evidence that e-cigarettes are unsafe since they damage the respiratory, cardiovascular, and neurological systems with unknown long-term damage.

Stephen Hamann

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