Firm foundation or neglected cornerstone?

Ralston R, Bialous S, Collin J. Firm foundation or neglected cornerstone? The paradox of Article 5.3 implementation and the challenge of strengthening tobacco control governance. Tobacco Control Published Online First: 08 March 2022.“Renewed efforts to implement Article 5.3 guideline recommendations hold the prospect of advancing FCTC [Framework Convention on Tobacco Control] implementation, enabling broader progress towards tackling commercial determinants of health and accelerating progress across UN Sustainable Development Goals. Realizing such gains requires tobacco control to advance implementation in concert with such broader governance agendas; unpacking the paradox of Article 5.3 and developing a detailed understanding of the diverse governance challenges entailed is key to advancing such objectives.”
Comment: Regulatory governance through government agencies can be a slow process so adaptive processes must be employed to meet tobacco industry interferences.
S. Hamann

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