Lung Health Day, September 25, 2020; Even more important with Covid-19

Forum of International Respiratory Societies. Information on World Lung Day, September 25, 2020. See World Lung Day Toolkit with: 1) World Lung Day press statement, 2) respiratory infections information sheet, and 3) World Lung Day 2020 sample social media messages.

In addition, we are also asking you to share your World Lung Day pledges.
There are six pledges below, sized for Facebook/Twitter and Instagram and they have all been translated into 12 languages.
You could also take a photograph of yourself doing something for World Lung Day and share this on social media or create your own pledge using this blank version sized for Facebook/Twitter or Instagram.
Don’t forget to include #WorldLungDay in your posts.
If you would like a bespoke World Lung Day pledge designing email

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