Children being marketed dangerous tobacco and other products

Clark H and 41 other contributors. A future for the world’s children? WHO–UNICEF–Lancet Commission Research Summary; February 18, 2020

“Children worldwide are also highly exposed to advertising for products nominally for use by adults only, such as alcohol, tobacco and e-cigarettes, with exposure to advertising associated with greater consumption… E-cigarettes are a new but worrying threat, particularly in HICs [high-income countries]. Exposure to e-cigarette adverts was prevalent in US youth, who had medium-to-high exposure to e-cigarette adverts from the internet (38·6%), newspapers (29·6%), shops (53·2%), and TV (35·4%). E-cigarette advertising is not regulated in the USA, where youth exposure to television e-cigarette advertisements, measured by target rating points, increased by 256% from 2011 to 2013, with young adult exposure increasing by 321% over the same period. Adverts for these products in the USA reach more than 24 million young people.”
Stephen Hamann

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