Announcing the Global Tobacco Control Progress Hub

“Tobacco control stakeholders worldwide have a new data reporting platform at their disposal with the launch of the Global Tobacco Control Progress Hub. This fully interactive data visualization platform brings together multiple datasets for easy navigation, interpretation, and analysis and could be used to assess global progress in tobacco control.

ASH Canada produced the platform with support from the Institute for Global Tobacco Control at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and funding from Bloomberg Philanthropies.

The Progress Hub ( will be publicly available starting Wednesday, 30 November 2022.

A series of multilingual webinars will be designed to demonstrate the Progress Hub’s features, functions, and capabilities via Zoom webinar on Tuesday, 29 November 2022. Registration is required. Choose one of the times below to register:

· 8 am EST/ 1 pm GMT (available languages: English, Spanish, French, Arabic)
· Noon EST/ 5 pm GMT (available languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese)
· 10 pm EST/ 11 am (30 November) China Standard Time (available languages: English, Bahasa Indonesian, Bangla, Chinese, Vietnamese)

“We are very excited to launch this ambitious new interactive data platform for the tobacco control community,” said Les Hagen, Executive Director for ASH Canada. “The Global Tobacco Control Progress Hub will help present global tobacco control efforts, including implementing the WHO FCTC, to support tobacco reduction efforts globally.”

Stephen Hamann

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