Research shows the need for stronger action against vaping in Australia

Pettigrew S, Miller M, Santos JA, Raj TS, Brown K, Jones A. E-cigarette attitudes and use in a sample of Australians aged 15–30 years. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health. Volume 47, Issue 2, April 2023, 100035

“A national sample of 1,006 Australians aged 15–30 years completed an online survey.

Almost half of respondents reported being either current users (14%) or have tried/used e-cigarettes in the past (33%). Factors positively associated with ever use were being a past or present user of tobacco cigarettes and having a number of friends who vape. Stronger perceptions of addictiveness were inversely associated with use.

…results suggest many young people in Australia may be exposed to e-cigarettes in multiple ways. Additional efforts appear to be needed to control e-cigarette availability and promotion to prevent young people’s exposure to vaping.”

Note: See the Australian Government’s new actions on vaping in the TRC Commentary.
Stephen Hamann

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