No credibility to JUUL Labs’ electronic cigarette research.

Previous information about the marketing of JUUL electronic cigarettes and recent testimony before the US Congress by its CEO provides little confidence that the company is actually facing the consequences of its product and its marketing. Most importantly, the research produced to support the JUUL product is flawed based on a review in The Lancet referenced below.

Authors conclude that, “Drawing from historical precedents of the tobacco industry’s influence on research, the underlying motivations of JUUL Labs’ research activities on vaping should be viewed with caution and evaluated for potential impacts on public health… We found potential weaknesses in JUUL Labs-sponsored research program in seven of the eight criteria… The weaknesses undermine the scientific credibility of JUUL Labs-sponsored research, increase the risk of JUUL Labs influencing the research agenda of the tobacco control research field as a whole, and undermine public health.”

Tan ASL, Soneji S, Moran MB, Choi K. JUUL Labs’ sponsorship and the scientific integrity of vaping research. The Lancet. VOLUME 394, ISSUE 10196, P366-368, AUGUST 03, 2019.

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