Changes in Biomarkers of Cigarette Smoke Exposure After 6 Days..

Cohen G, Goldenson NI, Bailey P, et al. Changes in Biomarkers of Cigarette Smoke Exposure After 6 Days of Switching Exclusively or Partially to Use of the JUUL System with Two Nicotine Concentrations: A Randomized Controlled Confinement Study in Adult Smokers. Nicotine & Tobacco Research. 23 June 2021

“In JUUL groups, median percent reductions in primary BOEs (Day 6–Baseline) were 90%– ≥100% of Abstinence; there were no significant differences between JUUL groups and Abstinence. All reductions in JUUL groups were substantially and statistically significantly greater than reductions in the usual brand (UB) Cigarette group (ps<0.025). Median reductions in primary BOEs in the Dual Use group were 43%-55% of Abstinence. Similar results were observed for secondary BOEs.”

Caution with these findings: Study biomarker of exposure (BOE) findings replicate other findings of substantially reduced toxicants from e-cigarettes as compared to conventional tobacco cigarettes. Yet, other toxicant studies have shown some BOE findings with e-cigarettes and substantial findings with dual use. Toxicant levels for dual use vary with the mix of conventional and e-cigarette use, and epidemiological studies show long-term dual use can result in health-related effects beyond those from single use of either conventional or e-cigarette use. Dual use is the predominant pattern of use for e-cigarette users. Stephen Hamann

Stephen Hamann

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