Tobacco bans and school education effective in seven European countries

Leão T, Perelman J, Clancy L, Mlinarić M, Kinnunen JM, Nuyts PAW, Mélard N, Rimpela A, Lorant V, Kunst AE. Economic evaluation of five tobacco control policies across seven European countries. Nicotine & Tobacco Research, ntz124. 27 July 2019.

“We assessed the cost-effectiveness of five tobacco control policies (non-school bans, including bans on sales to minors, bans on smoking in public places, bans on advertising at points-of-sale, school smoke-free bans, and school education programs), implemented in 2016 in Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and Portugal… Conclusions: All five policies were highly cost-effective in all countries according to the World Health Organization thresholds for public health interventions. Cost-effectiveness was preserved even when using the highest costs and most conservative effectiveness estimates.”

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