Strategy to Improve Professional Communication

Conclusion of Training on Strategy to Improve Professional Communication
Date: Thursday, August 16, 2012 Venue: Thai PBS | Activities conducted at the training on strategies to improve professional communication are described below: 

A discussion of ?Doing our work requires effective communication?. People participating in this discussion were:

KhunSongkranPakchokdee, Director of the Stop Drinking Campaign,KhunJatkrichPrompool, President of National Press Council of Thailand,KhunDuangdownItsasuriya, Announcer of Thailand Agenda, Thai PBS,KhunYenjitSathimongkongsuk, Editor of news groups and news media, Thai PBS
The conclusion of this discussion:

Be able to release news on social media. Conducting activities on the road which requires less budget and news is released at low cost which people can see easily and also provides background to forward legislation. Internal and external research results indicate that children who see advertisements have a greater likelihood of drinking alcohol than those who do not see advertisements. Utilize well know people (such as Dr. Mongkol, alcohol control policy announcer of no drinking campaign during Buddhist Lent) or conduct activities in front of the ministry meeting. News releases/ advertisements should be seen and understood easily by the general public such as advertisements showing people under stress, and then they start drinking alcohol resulting in Thailand losing2 million baht because of alcohol drinking, and also as a cause of poverty among Thai people. Let people feel like they are problem owners, as if it happens with their own family members. Make ourselves public relations persons. Knowing reporters; communication theory states that news should be easy to understand. However, some news may not be suitable. For this reason, meetings should be conducted among various sectors to consider whether news is true, and whether it impacts others. Get to know news reporters and also know their media styles. Consider whether content matches reportersmedia styles. Be confident that news does continue exactly from its original content in areas like race, religion and weight decrease. News teams should have clarified information in terms of number, advantage, disadvantage and research.
The 3 principles for easy ways to communicate:

  • Is it correct?
  • Is it close to your motivations?
  • Does it match us?

Use simple media; For example, Bird?s Nest beverage ad: ?Before giving to other people?s mother, give to your own mother?, and later share on Facebook. Website of is usually visited by reporters to obtain information to release news. Have own website of organization / Twitter/ Facebook/ Community media / Community radio. Before other people are acknowledged, members of the community should firstly understand and see value in the content, build the environment, and have good cooperation. The content conclusion in the morning Do not hope to use only media; should make your ownself a public relations person. Do not hope to utilize only main media. It is not difficult to create your own media nowadays. Divided into 5 groups with 6 people in each group to write projects and issue presentations.

Additional suggestions can be suggested later after presentation the main idea: Key words must be indicated clearly in articles; for example, an article about Asia, in which all media will pay attention to ?Asian?. So key words are very important such as ?Benefit of Vegetables?, because people normally do not like to read long messages. Use smart words. Readers do not normally spend much time to understand aims of messages, so it is important to provide readers time to give more attention to messages. Try to think without rules controlling the message; do not indicate directly, but use wording. Use a sympathetic view such as ?It is difficult for disabled people to travel?. Divide contents and consider messages that people would be interested in. Use examples from various media such as T.V., and follow up without speaking such as Doraemonor Popeye might do. Add news reporters on Facebook, add more friends and set as group mail. Issue newsletters / news that are easy to understand. Make as part of news and post on Facebook. Divide news as a part, then submit to news reporters and they will be interested in this news. As a website is likely to be a window for other people, news reporters recognize us because our articles are on websites, so email address and telephone number should also be indicated in those articles. Consider reporterstime table; for example, the Ministry meeting may be taking place on Tuesday and Wednesday, so it is not likely that news reporters will be available on those days. If articles are relevant to the Ministry, write these articles urgently and post them on a website. Try to do more events relevant to news reporters such as managing seminars, academic meetings and follow up with social trends such as children drinking alcohol and so on. Moreover, follow up on prominent situations happening currently and consider whether those situations might be relevant to your work. Do not obsess on your work like considering it as a master piece and do not make it too minor either; news reporters or public relations people will not pay attention to your work. Try to pull out prominent information. Build public relations by yourself and your team.

Use correct language for communication; for example, what is the best content of ?Because we (do not) understand?What exactly is the meaning of this sentence, understanding or not understanding?

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