Leveraging climate change to improve global tobacco control

Gupta V, Mokdad A, Bollyky T, Glassman A, Daschle TA. Leveraging climate change to improve global tobacco control. VOLUME 393, ISSUE 10187, P2182-2183, JUNE 01, 2019. More Information
Authors ask, “Would highlighting the catalytic role of air pollution on worsening smoking-related health outcomes sway governments to greater action and implementation of the FCTC? “

Growing evidence suggests data are there to buttress this line of advocacy…. Countries with the most devastating tobacco epidemics need an infusion of political will to start achieving greater gains. As is often the case in politics, this only comes when the urgency to act is unavoidable. Conceiving of tobacco use as part of a larger risk framework that incorporates exposure to air pollution is not only bolstered by a growing body of evidence but also imparts a clearer perspective on the risks of continued smoking in places like China, India, and Indonesia.”

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