E-cigarette use by youth results in transitioning to cigarette use

Loukas A, Marti CN, Harrell MB. Electronic nicotine delivery systems use predicts transitions in cigarette smoking among young adults. Drug Alcohol Depend. 2021 Dec 31;231:109251. Online ahead of print.

“Both current and ever ENDS [electronic nicotine delivery systems] use increased the probability of transitioning from never to current cigarette use (initiation) and decreased the probability of transitioning from current to non-current use (desistance). Current, but not ever, ENDS use also increased the probability of transitioning from non-current to current use (re-uptake)… Discussion: ENDS use in young adulthood increases the risk for cigarette smoking behaviors across the continuum of uptake and progression. Prevention and cessation efforts targeting both ENDS and cigarette use during young adulthood are needed.”

Comment: There are similar findings in several studies but the idea that e-cigarettes are somehow useful to cut long-term disease, disability, and death, unfortunately, continues by those who don’t wish to consider nicotine addiction harms along the life course.
Stephen Hamann

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