The US Food and Drug Administration clarifies regulation of Non-Tobacco…

US Food and Drug Administration. The US Food and Drug Administration clarifies regulation of Non-Tobacco Nicotine (NTN) Products. 8 Sept. 2022 “In response to the increase of NTN in popular tobacco products, Congress passed a federal law which went into effect on April 14, 2022, clarifying FDA’s authority to regulate tobacco products containing nicotine from any source. This law gives FDA authority over products made with NTN, including synthetic nicotine. It imposes requirements under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) for manufacturers, importers, retailers, and distributors of NTN products.”

Enforcement: “As of Sept. 6, FDA has issued a total of 44 warning letters to manufacturers and over 300 warning letters to retailers for violations in relation to their sale of non-tobacco nicotine products. Failure to promptly correct violations can result in further action such as civil money penalties, seizure, and/or injunction.”

Comment: Some companies that sell nicotine products have switched to non-tobacco nicotine so they can continue sales by using nicotine that is synthetic, not derived from tobacco plants, and not regulated under existing laws in some countries. Despite nicotine’s addictive impact and related health consequences, these companies prefer profit over people’s health. Countries must update their laws to stop such production, promotion, and sale of these new ways/forms of providing nicotine. Endgame tobacco control goals are to reduce/eliminate nicotine in products available to the public, so these products disappear.

Stephen Hamann

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