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iQOS : evidence of pyrolysis and release...

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iQOS : evidence of pyrolysis and release of a toxicant from plastic “US researchers set out to assess the performance of iQOS electronic devices under five different puff conditions, and the impact of two cleaning protocols: a thorough clean after use of each heat stick to remove fluid and debris from the heater; and the manufacturer's recommendations

to clean the device after every 20 heat sticks before using the brush cleaners supplied with the product.”
The tobacco plug charred as a result of pyrolysis -- thermal decomposition in the absence of oxygen. Charring was more extensive when thorough cleaning was not carried out after use of each heat stick, suggesting that build-up of debris and fluid increases pyrolytic temperatures, say the researchers…. Of further concern was the release of formaldehyde cyanohydrin by the melting filter at temperatures that all users will easily exceed, say the researchers. This chemical is highly toxic even at very low levels.
Researchers concluded, “…the iQOS system may not be as harm-free as claimed”, and also emphasized the urgent need for further safety testing as the popularity and user base of this product is growing rapidly.
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