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Thursday, 22 February 2018 09:49

A Cross-sectional Study of 28 European Union Countries

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E-cigarettes Associated with Depressed Smoking Cessation : A Cross-sectional Study of 28 European Union Countries found that in the European Union smokers who use e-cigarettes are less, not more, likely to quit smoking.

The results were based on a cross-sectional survey of 12,608 ever smokers conducted by Eurobarometer and are consistent with most other studies of real-world e-cigarette use.
Commentary : “This new result particularly calls into question recent suggestions from Public Health England that hospitals in Britain begin selling e-cigarettes and provide patients with vaping lounges. The new study suggests that implementing Public Health England’s recommendations will keep most people smoking cigarettes. Results … strongly indicate that implementing these policies that promote e-cigarette use will substantially worsen the tobacco epidemic.”

A Cross-sectional Study of 28 European Union Countries;

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