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Cessation: Quitting smoking and the false...

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Cessation: Quitting smoking and the false ‘lost pleasure’ argument. : Authors analyzed “data from a 2015 nationally-representative, online survey of 1284 US adult current smokers. Information was collected on regret, intention to quit, perceived addiction, risk perceptions and health concerns. Multivariate logistic regression adjusting for socio-demographics and health

status was used to examine factors associated with smoker discontent…. More than 80% of current smokers report high (22.5%) or very high (59.8%) discontent due to inability to quit, perceived addiction and regret about having started to smoke. The proportion of smokers who might be characterized as having a preference to continue smoking are greatly outnumbered by addicted, discontent and concerned smokers…. who want to quit and regret ever having started to smoke. These discontent smokers could have a substantial net welfare gain if new regulations helped them escape their concerns about the health effects of continuing smoking.”

Quitting smoking and the false ‘lost pleasure’ argument;

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