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BMJ TOBACCO CONTROL July 2015, Volume 24, Issue 4

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  • Coauthorship and ‘soft colonialism’. Ruth E Malone, Joaquin Barnoya
  • Worldwide news and comment
  • Economic evaluations of tobacco control mass media campaigns: a systematic review. Edwinah Atusingwize, Sarah Lewis, Tessa Langley
  • Associations of lifetime active and passive smoking with spontaneous abortion, stillbirth and tubal ectopic pregnancy: a cross-sectional analysis of historical data from the Women's Health Initiative. Andrew Hyland, Kenneth M Piazza, Kathleen M Hovey, Judith K Ockene, Christopher A Andrews, Cheryl Rivard, Jean Wactawski-Wende
  • Development of an integrated tobacco endgame strategy. Yvette van der Eijk
  • Tobacco on the web: surveillance and characterisation of online tobacco and e-cigarette advertising. Amanda Richardson, Ollie Ganz, Donna Valloneml
  • Smoking and long-term labour market outcomes. Petri Böckerman, Ari Hyytinen, Jaakko Kaprio
  • Smoking-related thoughts and microbehaviours, and their predictive power for quitting. Lin Li, Ron Borland, Geoffrey T Fong, Yuan Jiang, Yan Yang, Lili Wang, Timea R Partos, James F Thrasher
  • One cigarette is one too many: evaluating a light smoker-targeted media campaign. John P Jasek, Michael Johns, Ijeoma Mbamalu, Kari Auer, Elizabeth A Kilgore, Susan M Kansagra
  • Estimates of the economic contributions of the bidi manufacturing industry in India. Arindam Nandi, Ashvin Ashok, G Emmanuel Guindon, Frank J Chaloupka, Prabhat Jha
  • Association between current asthma and secondhand smoke exposure in vehicles among adults living in four US states. Kimberly H Nguyen, Brian A King, Shanta R Dube
  • Intended and unintended effects of restrictions on the sale of cigarillos to youth: evidence from Canada. Hai V Nguyen, Paul Grootendorst
  • Preference for flavoured cigar brands among youth, young adults and adults in the USA. Cristine D Delnevo, Daniel P Giovenco, Bridget K Ambrose, Catherine G Corey, Kevin P Conway
  • US consumer interest in non-cigarette tobacco products spikes around the 2009 federal tobacco tax increase. Catherine L Jo, John W Ayers, Benjamin M Althouse, Sherry Emery, Jidong Huang, Kurt M Ribisl
  • Smokers who report smoking but do not consider themselves smokers: a phenomenon in need of further attention. Eric C Leas, Rong W Zablocki, Steven D Edland, Wael K Al-Delaimy
  • Significant reduction of AECOPD hospitalisations after implementation of a public smoking ban in Graubünden, Switzerland. Frank Dusemund, Florent Baty, Martin H Brutsche
  • Chinese tobacco companies’ social media marketing strategies. Fan Wang, Pinpin Zheng, Becky Freeman, Simon Chapman
  • ‘Vape shops’ and ‘E-Cigarette lounges’ open across the USA to promote ENDS. Youn Ok Lee, Annice E Kim
  • A  Bringing attention to e-cigarette pH as an important element for research and regulation. Irina Stepanov, Naomi Fujioka
  • Online electronic cigarette retailers can do more to prevent accidental poisonings. Daniel S Morris, Steven C Fiala.
  • E-cigarette use in air transit: self-reported data from US flight attendants. Frances A Stillman, Andrea Soong, Laura Y Zheng, Ana Navas-Acien
  • Lighter Side.
  • Lighter Side.

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