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BMJ TOBACCO CONTROL July 2015, Volume 24, Suppl 3

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  • The economics of tobacco control (Part 2): evidence from the ITC Project. Corné van Walbeek
    • Trends in cigarette pricing and purchasing patterns in a sample of US smokers: findings from the ITC US Surveys (2002–2011). Monica E Cornelius, Pete Driezen, Andrew Hyland, Geoffrey T Fong, Frank J Chaloupka, K Michael Cummings
    • Trends and socioeconomic differences in roll-your-own tobacco use: findings from the ITC Europe Surveys. Abraham K Brown, Gera E Nagelhout, Bas van den Putte, Marc C Willemsen, Ute Mons, Romain Guignard, Mary E Thompson
    • The use of legal, illegal and roll-your-own cigarettes to increasing tobacco excise taxes and comprehensive tobacco control policies: findings from the ITC Uruguay Survey. Dardo Curti, Ce Shang, William Ridgeway, Frank J Chaloupka, Geoffrey T Fong
    • The heterogeneous effects of cigarette prices on brand choice in China: implications for tobacco control policy. Jing Li, Justin S White, Teh-wei Hu, Geoffrey T Fong, Jiang Yuan
    • Cigarette price and other factors associated with brand choice and brand loyalty in Zambia: findings from the ITC Zambia Survey. Ramzi G Salloum, Fastone Goma, Grieve Chelwa, Xi Cheng, Richard Zulu, Susan C Kaai, Anne C K Quah, James F Thrasher, Geoffrey T Fong
    • Weight control belief and its impact on the effectiveness of tobacco control policies on quit attempts: findings from the ITC 4 Country Survey. Ce Shang, Frank J Chaloupka, Geoffrey T Fong, Mary Thompson, Mohammad Siahpush, William Ridgeway
    • What cigarette price is required for smokers to attempt to quit smoking? Findings from the ITC Korea Waves 2 and 3 Survey. Eun-Ja Park, Susan Park, Sung-il Cho, Yeol Kim, Hong Gwan Seo, Pete Driezen, Anne C K Quah, Geoffrey T Fong
    • Neighbourhood deprivation and smoking and quit behaviour among smokers in Mexico: findings from the ITC Mexico Survey. Nancy L Fleischer, James F Thrasher, Belén Sáenz de Miera Juárez, Luz Myriam Reynales-Shigematsu, Edna Arillo-Santillán, Amira Osman, Mohammad Siahpush, Geoffrey T Fong
    • Increasing availability and consumption of single cigarettes: trends and implications for smoking cessation from the ITC Mexico Survey. Marissa G Hall, Nancy L Fleischer, Luz Myriam Reynales-Shigematsu, Edna Arillo-Santillán, James F Thrasher
    • Effect of cigarette tax increase in combination with mass media campaign on smoking behaviour in Mauritius: findings from the ITC Mauritius Survey. Sunday Azagba, Premduth Burhoo, Frank J Chaloupka, Geoffrey T Fong
    • Differential responsiveness to cigarette price by education and income among adult urban Chinese smokers: findings from the ITC China Survey. Jidong Huang, Rong Zheng, Frank J Chaloupka, Geoffrey T Fong, Yuan Jiang
    • The impact of the Malaysian minimum cigarette price law: findings from the ITC Malaysia Survey. Alex C Liber, Hana Ross, Maizurah Omar, Frank J Chaloupka
    • The association between tax structure and cigarette price variability: findings from the ITC Project. Ce Shang, Frank J Chaloupka, Geoffrey T Fong, Mary Thompson, Richard J O'Connor




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