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BMJ TOBACCO CONTROL May 2015, Volume 24, Issue 3

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BMJ TOBACCO CONTROL May 2015, Volume 24, Issue 3
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  • Scanning the brain for answers about effectiveness of graphic warning labels. Mark L Rubinstein
  • Worldwide news and comment
  • Clinical interventions to reduce secondhand smoke exposure among pregnant women: a systematic review. Van T Tong, Patricia M Dietz, Italia V Rolle, Sara M Kennedy, William Thomas, Lucinda J England
  • Emotional reaction facilitates the brain and behavioural impact of graphic cigarette warning labels in smokers. An-Li Wang, Steven B Lowen, Daniel Romer, Mario Giorno, Daniel D Langleben
  • Do smokers support smoke-free laws to help themselves quit smoking? Findings from a longitudinal study. Gera E Nagelhout, Yue-Lin Zhuang, Anthony Gamst, Shu-Hong Zhu
  • Human rights and ethical considerations for a tobacco-free generation. Yvette van der Eijk, Gerard Porter
  • Portrayal of tobacco use in prime-time TV dramas: trends and associations with adult cigarette consumption—USA, 1955–2010. Patrick E Jamieson, Daniel Romer
  • Monitoring of non-cigarette tobacco use using Google Trends. Patricia A Cavazos-Rehg, Melissa J Krauss, Edward L Spitznagel, Ashley Lowery, Richard A Grucza, Frank J Chaloupka, Laura Jean Bierut
  • Worldwide news and commentSmokeless tobacco products sold in Massachusetts from 2003 to 2012: trends and variations in brand availability, nicotine contents and design features. Doris Cullen, Lois Keithly, Kevin Kane, Thomas Land, Mark Paskowsky, Lili Chen, Rashelle Hayes, Wenjun Li
  • Smoking-attributable burden of lung cancer in the Philippines. Ver Luanni Feliciano Bilano, Maridel P Borja, Eduardo L Cruz, Alvin G Tan, Lalaine L Mortera, Paul Ferdinand M Reganit
  • A comparison of alternative methods for measuring cigarette prices. Frank J Chaloupka, John A Tauras, Julia H Strasser, Gordon Willis, James T Gibson, Anne M Hartman
  • Evaluation of a community-based smoking cessation programme for people with severe mental illness. Maxie Ashton, Ashlee Rigby, Cherrie Galletly
  • Receptivity to cigarette and tobacco control messages and adolescent smoking initiation. Kristen T Emory, Karen Messer, Lisa Vera, Norma Ojeda, John P Elder, Paula Usita, John P Pierce
  • Do consumers of manufactured cigarettes respond differently to price changes compared with their Roll-Your-Own counterparts? Evidence from New Zealand. Peter Tait, Paul Rutherford, Caroline Saunders
  • ‘Herbal’ but potentially hazardous: an analysis of the constituents and smoke emissions of tobacco-free waterpipe products and the air quality in the cafés where they are served. Fadi Hammal, Alyssa Chappell, T Cameron Wild, Warren Kindzierski, Alan Shihadeh, Amanda Vanderhoek, Cong Khanh Huynh, Gregory Plateel, Barry A Finegan
  • What are the sales practices of internet cigar vendors in China? Junling Gao, Carla J Berg, Lulu Huang, Pinpin Zheng, Hua Fu
  • Packaging digital culture to young smokers. Mat Savelli, Shawn C O'Connor, Emily Di Sante, Joanna E Cohen
  • I ‘like’ MPOWER: using Facebook, online ads and new media to mobilise tobacco control communities in low-income and middle-income countries. Stephen Hamill, Tahir Turk, Nandita Murukutla, Mohamed Ghamrawy, Sandra Mullin
  • Smoke spots: promoting smoking with social media. Suzan Burton, Alena Soboleva, Aila Khan

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